Anthropos India Foundation

Observe, Understand, Assimilate and Take Action

Vision: To bring the significance of anthropological philosophy and methods in carrying out Applied and Action research on Social Sciences.

Mission: To produce Visuals narratives, interpretations of culture and take positive action.


About Anthropos India Foundation

Anthropos India Foundation (AIF) is a trust registered in Delhi since April 2012. The aim of AIF is to promote the discipline of anthropology; its philosophy and methods. It also aims to conduct Anthropological research; Applied and Action. Anthropology deals with communities both big and small. Anthropology engages in solving various social issues of communities.

  • AIF promotes visual Anthropology through vibrant, authentic and meaningful ethnographic films and photo documentation.
  • AIF maintains a dynamic website, where scholars can upload and disseminate their work.
  • AIF conducts various distinguished guest lectures by eminent scholars from the field of Anthropology and social sciences, doing empirical research in their respective discipline. The motive of these lectures was to part the knowledge and expertise of these scholars. The series of lectures were recorded and uploaded on AIF official website for easy access.
  • AIF focuses on community-based research activities in India. AIF seeks to address issues on both the local and regional levels, based on the ‘emic’ perspectives and bottom up approach to solve. Ethnomethodology was used as a tool to solve various issues while respecting the local knowledge, culture and ecology.
  • AIF has carries out workshops and symposiums. Such as the workshop on ‘Doing Ethnography’ where the students were trained to do quality research using ethnography methods, a day long Symposium was organised on Child Sexual Abuse in order to flag the issues, challenges and to discuss strategies towards prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.

Area of Focus & Activities:

AIF has various fields of work. Accounted below are the different areas of work AIF has dwelled into and shall continue to grow in:

  • Strengthening Anthropological research methods among practitioners.
  • Conducting Anthropological research; Applied and Action and reach out to Communities
  • Carrying out Advocacy and Policy interventions on the issues of Health, Education and Child Rights.
  • Organising and disseminating distinguished guest lectures by eminent Anthropologists and Social Scientists.
  • Promoting Visual Anthropology through vibrant, authentic, meaningful ethnographic films and photo documentation.
  • Publishing newsletters, e-journals & magazines.