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Habiba Haroon

I'm Habiba Haroon and as of now seeking  B.Sc.(H) Anthropology from Hansraj College, Delhi University. I join Anthropos India Foundation with an associate aim to explore and promote anthropology as it isn't that much famed in India despite being a significant discipline. In AIF I am operating/working as an intern that permits me to explore and learn about different social issues from anthropological perspective especially in the context of children and women. Apart from that, it also enables me to work on my writing and digital skills for the AIF's newsletter and digital magazine. I hope that each one of the knowledge that I'm learning or gaining through AIF can become useful for my future.

Abishek Muthu M

I am Abishek Muthu M from Puducherry, India. I have done my Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology from Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav College, University of Madras. I currently have my Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology from Pondicherry Central University, Puducherry. My research interest includes Cities and Urban Culture, Anthropology of Food, Language and Society, Sociology of Family and Kinship, Social Anthropology and Ethnography and Environmental Anthropology.

I am a recently appointed intern at the Anthropos India Foundation (AIF), New Delhi. Impressively, this foundation has a vast knowledge resource of Anthropological research. It also teaches me to understand Human Society through an Anthropological Lens critically. Furthermore, this subject fascinates me because of the more scholarly Field-Based explorations. As a newly appointed intern, I am passionately working to explore blog writing on the theme of the Anthropology of Food, which is one of my core research interests, and developing e-content resources. Additionally, I am associated here to learn and relearn, and impart my Social-Anthropological knowledge to my future academic career. I hope that I can contribute more and longer to this foundation. I look forward to working with the team and extend my sincere gratitude to the Anthropos India Foundation (AIF) for this delightful opportunity.

Anthropos India Foundation



Debyani Mukherjee

Debyani Mukherjee, a passionate rebel word binder, who loves to pour her heart out onto paper, jotting down the words of her own. I am currently pursuing Masters in Anthropology. Besides writing poems and shayaries, I  also love to write research papers and articles related to my field. I found that Anthropology is lesser chosen subject by the people and this is why I have decided to pour my heart and mind into making my career as well as studies in this field.

Rinki Rawal

I am Rinki Rawal and graduated from Amity University, earning my Master of Science in Anthropology. Being associated with Anthropos India Foundation provides an inclusive space to explore many new aspects of anthropology and proper guidance for gaining practical experience that can shape me as a valued professional in this field. Through the AIF platform, I would like to contribute by creating awareness among the vulnerable section of society. I am very grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to working with all the experts and team members of the AIF.



Myself, Abhinav. I have a Master's in Sociology from the Centre for the Study of Social Systems, JNU. I aspire to do Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology. My area of interest is Indigenous Health Practices. I have joined Anthropos India Foundation to enhance my knowledge and skills in this field. I am enthusiastic to work with the team to enlarge my knowledge in the direction of qualitative data collection, interpretation, and analysis. I am contributing to the video editing and digital magazine content development team.


Shivam Tamang

I am Shivam Tamang. I am a Biosciences graduate from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Whitefield, Bangalore. I am currently based in Delhi and pursuing my civil services dream. I am interested in History, Social Sciences and Anthropology, studying the correlation between the disciplines with the implication in modern times.

As an intern at Anthropos India Foundation, I seek to learn and better understand the culture, and its indelible mark in building modern societies and communities. I come with great hope to learn lessons from experts and senior members that could add a new perspective to life.

Sangamithra S

Sangamithra S is a recent undergraduate from Miranda House, University of Delhi, majoring in Sociology. Currently, she is pursuing a PG Diploma in Human Rights, International Humanitarian and Refugee Laws from The Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi. She has a passion for social science research and her research interest lies in gender and refugee studies, particularly the intersection of both disciplines. As an Intern at AIF, she intends to explore anthropology's relationship with and contributions to the fields of gender and refugee studies.


Archna Yadav

I am Archna Yadav, currently I am pursuing my M.Sc. in Anthropology (Final Year), from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. My area of interest mainly includes public health with focus on women and child, Human rights and demographic Anthropology. I am interested in helping on workshops, content writing and Primary and secondary research.

Being associated with Anthropos India Foundation I will be able to implement my skills and anthropological understanding on a practical basis under the guidance of experts and will get a chance to contribute for the betterment of the society. I feel highly obliged to be a part of AIF.



I am Ananya, a final year undergraduate Sociology student from Hindu College, University of Delhi. During the three year of the course, I have developed a keen interest in gender studies and urban development and aim to put forth a sociological analysis of key issues that shape our experience of reality. My association with Anthropos India Foundation for the past one year has been enriching my academic curiosity and personal satisfaction. The organization has provided me with significant opportunities in the field of gender and ensured an overall development through online courses and intriguing lecture series. The personal bond created with the members of the organization facilitates our collective endeavour of creating an  inclusive space.

Mumuksha Porwal

I am Mumuksha Porwal. I am currently doing my final year of Bachelors of science undergraduate degree from Department of Anthropology, University of Delhi.

I am occupied with Anthropos India Foundation for the last 1.5 years and the journey is continuing. The area of my work in organization is compiling a monthly newsletter, " Childhood Matters" quarterly magazine on Child rights and protection. Along with that I have been constantly guided by the senior team members for admin work. As an intern I am also working on exploring and brushing my skills on writing blogs, transcribing lectures, literature review for proposals and getting assistance on organizational working processes.

It is very interesting to work with all the team members on different aspects and impart anthropological knowledge and understandings to the ideas of implementing them.

Ayushi Pandey

This is Ayushi Pandey, pursuing B.Sc (H) in Anthropology from Hansraj College of University of Delhi. Currently I am in the third year of my course. I joined Anthropos India Foundation in order to get in depth knowledge of the practical approaches of anthropology.

Anthropology is in itself a beautiful subject which caters to the upliftment of marginalised sections of the society and being part of this NGO will help me contribute my bit to their altruistic actions.


Akansha Rana

I would like to work for Anthropos Foundation of India(AIF) because this foundation has very exciting future plans, not for us but for the welfare of societies and here I will be able to practice my all theoretical knowledge of Anthropology in applied manner with the guidance of our experts.

And I believe that it’s an attractive as well as right path to work, for the people like me who are looking for challenges and growth in their life.

I feel highly obliged to be a part of Anthropos Foundation of India(AIF)


Serah Terima Ch Sangma

I am Serah Terima Ch Sangma, Postgraduate in MSW from North-Eastern Hill University, Tura Campus, Meghalaya. During my final semester I applied for an internship at AIF with motivation to learn from the best and get guidance on research methodologies. AIF served as a platform for me to increase my understanding on Research Methodologies and Anthropology by attending workshops, workshops, lecture series, writing articles on the topic and collecting source data. Currently I am volunteering at Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC). I would like to implement the knowledge and understanding I acquired from AIF and make a meaningful contribution to this society.


Km Aakanksha

I am Aakanksha. I'm currently pursuing B.Sc.(hons)Anthropology from Delhi University. Social institutions, concepts, their structure and function, Indegenous community behavior are the areas of my interest. Anthropology enabled me to enhance a relativistic and progressive approach to study such interdisciplinary topics like reading articles and Journals on various issues including customs, rituals, trade and scientific discoveries. Apart from it I'm also into research and writing.

Internship with AIF is a great opportunity for me to get more equipped with the instrument of knowledge and add invaluable experience. I'm  sure that my skills will also help me contribute to the organization. With my keen interest in the subject and hard working nature I assure to perform my best under the team. I'm looking forward to exploring and embracing my skills with AIF.


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