Our Interns for the Summer of 2018

I Ayim Meren  a student of BSW  5th semester Kaziranga University who has worked as an intern for a duration of one month of fieldwork in AIF, has been given much in-depth insight into how organization mobilizes a community and how to provide services for them on various platforms so that not only do they profit through their services but also improve their personality. I have learned more about Microsoft excel, extracted information regarding organisations for CSR funds and mobilised the community for providing the services. Through this whole internship my perception of the different social standings has been changed about the community. I have become more matured  in my skills and got better insight on urban development through this internship experience. I have got good guidance and a caring environment.

  • I am Susanna Bhatia, currently pursuing B.com  (Hons.) from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. At Anthropos India Foundation, I got the prospect to drive and gain knowledge about the different issues related to children. As a team, we worked and researched on issues such as parenting, child development, education, and child labor and abuse. During the internship, I was assigned several tasks such as researching and analyzing the marketing strategies, exploring different sources of funding and data entry. This internship also assisted me in improvising my coordinative abilities and team spirit. The enthusiastic and encouraging working environment provided me the opportunity to learn something new every day



  • Hi! I’m Sneha, I’m pursuing psychology hons. and economics minor from LSR. I interned with AIF this summer of 2018, and it increased my productivity manifolds, it helped me create a synergy of my talent, interests, and aptitude. I am equally inclined towards content creation, film making, social work, and academia. I am currently writing a research paper, ‘I’ve always been very scattered’. At AIF, I learnt to bring it all together. I brainstormed and created an outline for a parenting magazine, that disseminates information, sheds light on child abuse, and brings parenting techniques in the forefront. I combined all my research and creative skills. Through the course of my internship we had conversations about child abuse, and I learnt a lot more about my parent discipline, psychology and its manifestations in the real world.



  • I am Amrisha Bhattacharjee, currently pursuing Economics Hons. with inter-disciplinary coursework in the fields of Mathematics and Psychology, from Ambedkar University, Kashmere Gate, Delhi. Over a period of 2 months  at Anthropos India Foundation, During my time, I researched and determined the various forms of child abuse: locating the challenge, classifying sensitive issues from the rest and in turn conceptualising a vision to help abridge the obstacles. I combined research with my analytical writing skills in order to prepare proposals for further research activities. Being a part of the multiple brain storming sessions, conducted in order to organise a methodology of actions, in-turn helped me derive a purpose to strive towards a better society.