Workshop on Traditional Knowledge Systems and Indigenous Healing Practices in North East India: Methodological Challenges

The workshop held on 17th October 2018 (10 AM TO 4 PM) has set a tone to discuss and deliberate on the issues of ethno-medicine with a focus on indigenous healing systems, located in the anthropological theory and method, the challenges they face and the possibility of integration into mainstream health care and also issues of bio piracy. The broad themes of the seminar will be the a) Traditional healers and Indigenous Medicine: Practice in North Eastern States. b) Challenges and State Response: Legitimacy, Autonomy and Integration c) Knowledge preservation and the Way Forward and d) Methodological Challenges.

The research is about documenting the importance of Tribal healers and their traditional/indigenous knowledge systems. How the healing practices benefit the communities? What are the different ailments, which are treated by the healers? What kinds of challenges are faced by the healers in practicing their healing systems like dwindling flora fauna and mineral resources in the locality? What are the other challenges like, having autonomy to practice, their legitimate position in the community and the state? How are their intellectual property rights protected and the process of knowledge transmission? What are the possibilities and challenges in integrating them into mainstream health care? The deliberations are envisaged to generate a larger debate and feed into the policy recommendations directly. The study would involve indepth interviews, audio-visual documentation. Ethical guidelines will be followed and also taking ethical clearance from the Ethics committee of Anthropos India Foundation.