Ecosystems Approach to Human Health: A Case of Konda Reddi Tribes and Womens Health

View The health of humans, like all living organisms, is dependent on an ecosystem that sustains life. Healthy ecosystems are the sine qua non for healthy organisms. The consequences of ecosystem degradation to human health are numerous. Countries across the world have a strong inclination to continue economic growth, even at the cost of severe environmental damage.

Konda Reddis

The Konda Reddis are the largest Primitive tribal Group in Andhra Pradesh, India. Their population is about 60,000. The Konda Reddis or Hill Reddis inhabit mountains, river-side and forests. Poverty is rampant among this tribal group. Live is thatched or tiled roofs with mud or bamboo walls. Physical features- dark skinned, short stature, curly hair, flat nose. Subsistence economy based on shifting cultivation, hunting and gathering. They are mainly concentrated in the river side Districts of east Godavri, West Godvri, and Khammam of Andhra Pradsh. Based on the geographical settlements, they are divided into three distinct zones- hill settlements, settlements, and settlements of lower track and plains.

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